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CEAH402 Deosalm®


Biological liquid neutralizing bad smells stimulating the disintegrating process.
INFORMATIONS: Synergic association of a rapid neutralizing agent, selected bacteria and nutrients. It eliminates bad smells and maintains  such situation for about 2 days. There are some micro organisms with a wide action spectrum and inorganic agents, that eliminate bad smells, acting in synergy so that the vaporized product could drastically remove the smells developing during the putrefactive processes.


  • - To avoid the smell development during the funeral
  • To eliminate the smells in places in imminence of death, in mortuary chamber,  mortuaries

The product activates with water dilution. Use it diluted at 10% (1 part of DEOSALM® and 9 parts of water) in water and vaporize it. Its concentration can be increased according to the needs arriving to its almost pure use in extreme cases.