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Ceabis - Enzisalm

CEAH403 Enzisalm® - Box of gr 700 - Package: 6 tins
CEAH406 Enzisalm® - Box of 10 kg


ENZISALM is a powder biological specimen with a BIODEGRADING function, that has been studied specifically to activate or restore the mineralization processes. Thanks to its composition including micro organisms with a wide action spectrum together with elements with feeding function, it is able, when in some specific conditions such phenomena are slowed or stopped, to restore the decomposition skeleton forming processes, promoting, addressing and controlling the metabolizing process of the organic material. It favours and speeds up the decay of the toxins that have developed by the corpse decomposition. Micro organisms are bio-fixed on mineral supports able to capture and absorb the bad smelling gases. The presence of trace elements inside the cavities of the micro supports favours the growth and the activity of micro organisms.

USE SITUATIONS: Corpse preparation - exhumation