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Absorbing Mattresses

Absorbing Mattresses

Absorbing mattresses

CEASA57 Bordered, shoulder shaped absorbing mattresses
CEASA58 Bordered, straight absorbing mattresses
CEASA14 Not bordered, shoulder shaped absorbing mattresses
CEASA50 Not bordered, straight absorbing mattresses

Absorbing mattresses model "Light"

CEASA59 Shouldered light mattress
CEASA62 Straight light mattress

Hydro Stop absorbing mattress

CEASB51 Hydro Stop absorbing mattress


Mattresses are designed to be positioned on the bottom of the coffin to absorb the liquids and the fluids that normally come out from the decomposition. It is made in 100% biodegradable viscose with a density of 400 g/g/square meter. High quality and super absorbing item. Upon request estimates for higher basis weights.