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Chin Collars

Chin Collars

Biodegradable chin-collars

CEASA05 Large biodegradable chin-collar
CEASA06 Medium biodegradable chin-collar

Plastic chin-collar

CEASA09 Plastic chin-rest
CEASA92 Plastic chin-rest with screw


The biodegradable chin-collar is a product easy to put on and practically invisible and it has the following advantages:

  • Easy to put on, can be carried out by a person
  • Not very visible
  • Face and hair are not covered and the deceased is more recognizable
  • The face shape remains undamaged, without folds on the skin
  • The chin-collar is biodegradable
  • The chin-collar does not emit gases in case of cremation.


The Plastic chin-rest are the best quality/price ratio item created to maintain the deceased’s mandibles closed. It is made of clear plastic material.