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Cleaner Valve

Cleaner Valve

Cleaning valve for coffins

CEAFV01 Cleaning valve with Health Ministry authorization


Exclusively device in which latest generation materials, production and assembly technologies are used. The compact and rounded shape allows to avoid material wastes optimizing the sizes; the grey colour makes its very discrete once it is applied inside the zinc cover.


The high automatization production process allows to obtain a product able to meet the safety needs with unique features:

  • Highly resistant external covering in thermo-plastic material;
  • Strong seal placed between cover and container to assure the total sealing;
  • Safety valve made up by a stainless steel sphere working as obturator: placed at the base of the covering, that is at the top of the filtering charge, allows to preserve completely the filter until the moment of the use;
  • Calibrating pressure of the safety valve that 0,03 bar or higher (complying with the Ministry of Health regulations);
  • Filtering charge made up by active carbons with high filtering power of the putrefaction gases;
  • Innovative conception of the internal structure of the covering, with a trail obliging the gases to an optimal filtering;
  • Traceability of the production lot, that can be identify with a number placed on the packaging and on the adhesive label to apply to the guarantee certificate.