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Corpse Clothing

Corpse Clothing

Men clothing

Grey suit jacket and trousers
CEASV01 Size M (46/48)
CEASV02 Size L (50/52)
CEASV03 Size XL (54/56)
CEASV04 Size XXL (58/60)
Blue suit jacket and trousers
CEASV05 Size M (46/48)
CEASV06 Size L (50/52)
CEASV07 Size XL (54/56)
CEASV08 Size XXL (58/60)
White shirt
CEASV11 Size 39
CEASV12 Size 40
CEASV13 Size 41
CEASV14 Size 42
CEASV15 Size 43
CEASV16 Size 44
CEASV17 Size 45
CEASV18 Size 46
CEASV21 Grey stripes
CEASV22 Blue stripes
CEASV23 Blue pattern
CEASV24 Grey pattern
Underwear set: t-shirt, slip e socks
CEASV31 Size M (46/48)
CEASV32 Size L (50/52)
CEASV33 Size XL (54/56)
CEASV34 Size XXL (58/60)
Black shoes
CEASV40 Size 40
CEASV41 Size 41
CEASV42 Size 42
CEASV43 Size 43
CEASV44 Size 44
CEASV45 Size 45

Women clothing

Blue dress jacket and skirt
CEASV51 Size S (44/46)
CEASV52 Size M (48/50)
CEASV53 Size L (52/54)
CEASV54 Size XL (56/58)
Grey dress jacket and skirt
CEASV55 Size S (44/46)
CEASV56 Size M (48/50)
CEASV57 Size L (52/54)
CEASV58 Size XL (56/58)
Pattern blue blouse
CEASV61 Size S (44/46)
CEASV62 Size M (48/50)
CEASV63 Size L (52/54)
CEASV64 Size XL (56/58)
White blouse
CEASV65 Size S (44/46)
CEASV66 Size M (48/50)
CEASV67 Size L (52/54)
CEASV68 Size XL (56/58)
Underwear set: vest, slip and collant
CEASV71 Size S (44/46)
CEASV72 Size M (48/50)
CEASV73 Size L (52/54)
CEASV74 Size XL (56/58)
Black shoes
CEASV81 Size 36
CEASV82 Size 37
CEASV83 Size 38
CEASV84 Size 39
CEASV85 Size 40
CEASV86 Size 41

Shelves for clothes

CEASV98 Chromate steel modular structure with shelves with white oak finishing
CEASV99 Steel modular structure



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