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Hands and Shoes Positioner

Hands and Shoes Positioner


CEASA13 Hands positioner with velcro belts
CEASA89 Shoes positioner


Hands positioner (CEASA13) is used for the correct positioning of the hands at the moment of corpse preparation. After the dressing up of the corpse it is necessary to place the hands: to use it correctly, wrap first a wrist and then the other one with the belt, then, through the short rope give the hands the wished position. Once the right position is found fix the short rope pressing on the ring of the plastic blocking system. To avoid its visibility place the belts 4 centimetres far from the wrist so that they are covered by dresses.

Shoes positioner (CEASA89), is used to join the shoes edge, and keep straight the feet during the exposure. The clear plastic makes it invisible at sight.


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