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Hydro Stop

Hydro Stop

Hydro Stop Bag

CEAH301 Hydro Stop Bag, liquid stop bag

Hydro Stop Powder

CEAH302 Hydro Stop 200g
CEAH303 Hydro Stop 5Kg
CEAE042 Dispenser for powder


Hydro Stop Bag are single dose bags containing highly absorbent powder, closed in practical water-soluble bags, allows to be easily inserted in the oral cavity of the corpse and to absorb the organic liquids that could come out.

Hydro Stop Powder is used instead directly on the bottom of the coffin to contain the leakage of body fluids released by the deceased. Sprinkle on the bottom of the coffin evenly at least 200 g. of powder, thus ensuring complete absorption. 200g of product absorb up to 20l of liquid in standard condition. The pleasant fragrance has a deodorant effect.