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Electronic LED Lamp

Electronic LED Lamp


CEAF756 Lamp E14 connection, 3 LED, 24V
CEAF757 Lamp E14 connection, 4 LED, 24V
CEAF758 Lamp E14 connection, 3 LED, 12V
CEAF759 Lamp E14 connection, 4 LED, 12V


N. 3 or 4 high efficiency and lightness light yellow leds (CREE Led Lamp and Dominant). Guaranteed life: 10 years Particular crystal optical spreader made of polystyrene able to spread the single light ray for 360° side reflection and refraction, high and downwards.
Feeding: Independently with alternating and direct current: 12 and 24 Volts
Cap with connection E14 and E10 (according to the models)

  • Size:Total length 42 mm; bulb length; diameter 19 mm.
  • Absorbed power: 0,18 w (about) for both voltage 12/24 V
  • On request personalization for particular voltages and/or connections (on request)
  • Joint deterioration: With voltage higher than 50 mA
  • Registered patent
  • Diode to protect the inverse voltage_<500V
  • EC Marking
  • Weather conditions:No limits
  • Projected and built in compliance with the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336/EEC


Lampadina Elettronica a LED