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Automatic Burial Machine

Automatic Burial Machine


CEAF616 Burial height 2770 mm, loading height 1390 mm
CEAF617 Burial height 3480 mm, loading height 1390 mm
CEAF618 Burial height 3300 mm, loading height 1570 mm
CEAF619 Burial height 4200 mm, loading height 1570 mm
CEAF620 Burial height 5100 mm, loading height 1570 mm


The burial machine was born to meet the burial needs in niches with particular small size (chapels, family monuments). Designed and built in compliance with the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC, the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC an according to the laws concerning work safety. Machine equipped with EC marking.

The main features of the machine are reduced size to allow the use in particular space conditions:

  • 710 x 1650 x h1390 cm. (x -CEAF616 e -CEAF617) - 710x1650x1570 cm. (x -CEAF618 -CEAF619 -CEAF620);
  • automatic introduction of the coffin inside the niche;
  • additional balcony to set the machine like lifting work platform for the niche closing;
  • interchangeability of the introduction chassis for the side burial and for the frontal one;
  • semi-automatic stop controls to the working plane and reaching the insertion drive;
  • controls on the semi-automatic control panel assure an easy use and safety during work.

Equipment made up by a steel welded profiles basis chassis, placed on four rubber wheels assembled on bushings, two of them are fixed and two are rotating diameter 160, the last two are equipped with brake. Sliding chassis made of IPE section, supported by crossbars and bits that are driven by unscreened bushings and lifted by a telescopic cylinder. Carrying capacity: 200 Kg

It is made up by 2 steel sections (one fixed and the other one mobile) jointed together and moved by 2 steel bushings with chain transmission run by a 24 Volt planetary geared motor.The mobile insertion chassis is the supporting plane for the coffin and it is equipped with a movement system of the coffin with a drive chain run by the 24 Volt planetary geared motor. A photoelectric control system allows the automatic stop of the roll plane at the opened niche where to make the burial.

Standard equipment:


The automatic burial machine can be equipped with the same accessories of the coffin lifting machines M2.


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