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Automatic Coffin Loader

Automatic Coffin Loader


CEAF621 Frontal loading
CEAF622 Side loading


The coffin loader (frontal or side) is an equipment that has been studied, developed and patented to introduce the coffin automatically and safely without making a big effort by the operator, built in compliance with the Machine Directive 2006/42/EC and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 2004/108/EC according to the more recent directives concerning the work safety and it is equipped with EC marking. The loader that can be used on the coffin lifting machines models K2/EVEREST/KILIMANGIARO is made up by two steel sections (one fix and the other mobile) jointed together and moved by 2 steel bushings with chain transmission run by a 24 Volt planetary geared motor.The mobile insertion chassis is the supporting plane for the coffin and it is equipped with a movement system of the coffin with a drive chain run by the 24 Volt planetary geared motor. A photoelectric control system allows the automatic stop of the coffin lifting machine equipped with loader at the opened niche and in the best position. The operator will agree the load which is in automatic cycle and/or manual cycle according to the need; in fact if loaders are bought with the first equipment (together with the coffin lifting machine), they will have both functions, while if they are bought later (for previously purchased coffin lifting machines), the load will only be possible with the manual cycle.


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