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Coffin Lowering Accessories

Coffin Lowering Accessories


CEAF603 Burial folding platform
CEAF604 Hooking plastform 1500 x 300 mm
CEAF606 Hooking plastform 2000 x 300 mm

Shelter for exhumations

CEAF608 Modular shelter for exhumations


Burial folding platform is used to support the coffin lowering machine or to have a safe walking area around the hole. Size: 3000x1700 mm (external) 2200x900 mm (internal).

The modular shelter is made with hot dip galvanized steel tubular structure covered by rainyl. The structure is composed by three elements of 1000x2000 h mm connectable in a quick way with other similar elements, and provided with tapered ends to be fixed into the ground.


Coffin Lowering Accessories