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Pantograph trolley

Pantograph trolley


CEAF670 Pantograph trolley h. 2,70 manual
CEAF671 Pantograph trolley h. 2,70 electric
CEAF672 Pantograph trolley h. 2,70 electric with double motor wheel


CEAF673 Roll turning 90°. Device allowing the burial transversal respect the travel direction.
CEAF674 Flip-open tank suitable to contain and transport the material use during the burial operations
CEAF675 Protection form in PVC. Covering sheet for the protection of the trolley in case of bad weather.
CEAF676 Solid puncture-proof wheels d. 260, providing greater stabilization
CEAF677 Electronic level switch. Device facilitating the leveling during stabilization
CEAF678 Motorized roller allowing the transfer of the coffin for frontal burials
CEAF679 Motorized roller allowing the transfer of the coffin for frontal burials
CEAF680 Operator balcony + ladder. Operator balcony to be positioned on the roller top, equipped with ladder
CEAF681 Roll kit suitable to the sliding of coffins with supports
CEAF682 Mechanical device for coffin docking. Device acting on the rollers block rotation without the use of belts.

Trolley with pantograph lifting working top, used for coffins moving and lifting. Projected and made in compliance with the Machine Directive (2006/42/CE), Low Tension and Electro-Magnetic Directives, these last two ones when applicable, meaning when there are electric installations.

Main Features

Strong structure assuring a reliability in time with bushing system in the point of major effort of the pantograph.
Steel profile guides with roll sliding bushing for heavy loads and self-lubricating bushings making the movement silent.
Heavy load.
Innovative product with complete electronic management of the electric motors on the machine (when present).
Protective treatment against corrosion by cataphoresis.
Essential service parameters, such as and not limited to, acceleration ramps, deceleration of the traction differential, ascent speed of the platform, etc, settable, meaning that can be changed by the authorized maintainer, in order to meet in the best way the needs of the user on the basis of the real conditions of the specific cemetery territory where the equipment is used. Only for the electrical equipment.
Easy transformation of the trolley already equipped with the electro-hydraulic fittings for the only lifting in order to equip it with electric differential; only setting of the electronic system, and insertion of the electric differential instead of wheels push.
Wide range of accessories and optional devices completing the operational flexibility of the user.