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Steal Coffin Lowering Devices

Steal Coffin Lowering Devices


CEAF790 Electric casket lowering device mod. Vesuvio
CEAF791 Manual casket lowering device mod. Stromboli
CEAF793 Electric casket lowering device with double winch


CEAF792 Inclination set for Vesuvio and Stromboli coffin lowering machines
CEAF779 Inclination set for double winch casket lowering device
CEAF796 Offset legs kit for having different widths and lengths in one machine


Coffin lowering devices for the ground burial of coffin made by only one operator, easy to move thanks to the rotating wheels assembled on the 4 legs it is equipped with a manual winch allowing an horizontal lowering of the coffin. Automatic unblocking system of the coffin once it has been lowered in the grave.


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