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Cremation Code

Cremation Code


CEAU996 Cremation Code


The Cremation Code is a system to assure the dead person’s family the authenticity of the ashes contained in the urn. The system consists of stainless steel AISI 18/10 plate that is finely shaped representing an heart cut into two parts. it is placed into an elegant box containing an identification card and a fixing small screw. Heart size: cm 7x7 - thickness mm 2,5.
The undertaker opens the box of the Cremation Code to show the dead person’s relatives the procedure. The two stainless steel heart parts are shown to the dead person’s relatives to make them noting the identification code printed on it. The undertaker fills in the card with the name, surname, birth and death date of the dead person and inserts the card and the heart half into the box. The box is given to the dead person’s relatives.
Using the standard screw the undertaker fixes the half of the holed heart on the dead person’s coffin, that will follow the complete cremation process.
Once the cremation process is finished, the relatives can check that the identification code on the heart half with the ashes corresponds with the one they own. Now the relatives receive the urn with the ashes and the complete Cremation Code box.


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