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Ceabis - Sistema di sanificazione Custom


CEAH804 Custom 200
CEAH805 Custom 400
CEAH814 Condenser spare parts for Custom


CUSTOM is suitable to treat indicative air volumes that can vary from 200 m3 to 400 m3. These air volumes can vary according to the air quality and the VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) load present in the volume to be treated. CUSTOM has been studied and developed with the best care in every detail; it is characterized by a compact design, is available in different sizes built like box inside of which there are the quartz condensers and the electric supply system. These devices are equipped with an inspection door for the electric part and one for the condenser maintenance. It is prepared for the quick ceiling installation. CUSTOM can assure freshness in the environment neutralizing the bad smells and the harmful substances. It is able to grant its best operative effectiveness in very big places, working speed and use flexibility of Bioxigen® system for the cleaning and disinfection, the deodorization and the Indoor air quality improvement of the environment of the funeral sector. Once it has been correctly installed, CUSTOM has even the “green seal of quality” Bioxigen® certifying to be in a 24 hour cleaned and disinfected environment.