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Products Coffin Accessories Odds, Ends and Accessories for Coffin

Odds, Ends and Accessories for Coffin

Odds, Ends and Accessories for Coffin

Steel screw with alloy rose bud

CEAT824 Polish brass finishing
CEAT826 Vintage brass finishing
CEAT825 Vintage copper finishing
CEAT826 Nickel finishing

Steel screw with alloy rose

CEAT828 Polish brass finishing
CEAT829 Vintage brass finishing
CEAT830 Vintage copper finishing
CEAT831 Nickel finishing

Steel screw with alloy cross

CEAT751 Polish brass finishing
CEAT752 Vintage brass finishing
CEAT753 Copper finishing
CEAT814 Polish brass finishing
CEAT815 Vintage brass finishing
CEAT816 Copper finishing

Steel screw with alloy butterfly

CEAT755 Polish brass finishing
CEAT756 Vintage brass finishing
CEAT757 Copper finishing
CEAT817 Polish brass finishing
CEAT818 Vintage brass finishing
CEAT819 Copper finishing

Steel cross-fixing nail 7x25 mm

CEAT731 Polish brass finishing
CEAT732 Vintage brass finishing
CEAT733 Copper finishing
CEAT734 Nickel finishing

Steel plate-fixing nail 7x15 mm

CEAT741 Polish brass finishing
CEAT742 Vintage brass finishing
CEAT743 Copper finishing
CEAT744 Nickel finishing

Steel plate-fixing tingle 9x16 mm

CEAT725 Polish brass finishing
CEAT726 Vintage brass finishing
CEAT727 Copper finishing

Steel plate-fixing tingle 11x16 mm “Daisy”

CEAT721 Polish brass finishing
CEAT722 Vintage brass finishing
CEAT723 Copper finishing

Cleric cap 24x22 mm

CEAT728 Polish brass finishing
CEAT729 Vintage brass finishing
CEAT730 Copper finishing

Steel screw cover “Daisy” ∅ 22 mm

CEAT701 Polish brass finishing
CEAT702 Vintage brass finishing
CEAT703 Copper finishing

Steel polished screw cover ∅ 22 mm

CEAT705 Polish brass finishing
CEAT706 Vintage brass finishing
CEAT707 Copper finishing

Special screws

CEAT778 Metric screw with Phillip drive for spider bottom M5 x50mm
CEAT778 Spider bottom M5
CEAT768 Self-cutting screw 4x45mm

Steel wood screw, oval head, Pozidriv drive

CEAT760 Brass finishing 4,5x30mm
CEAT761 Brass finishing 4,5x35mm
CEAT762 Brass finishing 4,5x40mm
CEAT764 Brass finishing 4,5x50mm
CEAT766 Brass finishing 4,5x60mm
CEAT767 Brass finishing 4,5x70mm

CEAT770 Copper finishing 4,5x30mm
CEAT771 Copper finishing 4,5x35mm
CEAT772 Copper finishing 4,5x40mm
CEAT774 Copper finishing 4,5x50mm
CEAT776 Copper finishing 4,5x60mm
CEAT777 Copper finishing 4,5x70mm

CEAT796 Nickel finishing 4,5x35mm
CEAT799 Nickel finishing 4,5x60mm

Steel set screw

CEAM400 Steel tie rod MA6 x 55mm
CEAM401 Steel tie rod MA8 x 55mm

Alloy decoration roses ∅ 20 mm

CEAT820 Polish brass finishing
CEAT821 Vintage brass finishing
CEAT822 Vintage copper finishing
CEAT823 Nickel finishing

Alloy decoration roses ∅ 17 mm

CEAT790 Polish brass finishing
CEAT791 Vintage brass finishing
CEAT792 Vintage copper finishing

Brass under-screw edge

CEAT960 Polish brass finishing 12x14 mm
CEAT961 Copper finishing 12x14 mm
CEAT963 Polish brass finishing 15x15mm
CEAT964 Copper finishing 15x15mm

Brass onions

CEAT780 Natural finishing
CEAT781 Copper finishing

Brass balls

CEAT785 Natural finishing
CEAT786 Copper finishing

Brass flowers fixing ring

CEAT901 Asymmetric ∅ 3cm natural finishing
CEAT902 Asymmetric ∅ 3cm copper finishing

Alloy cover lifting rings

CEAT801 ∅ 40mm polish brass finishing, with screw
CEAT802 ∅ 40mm vintage brass finishing, with screw
CEAT803 ∅ 40mm copper finishing, with screw
CEAT804 ∅ 40mm nickel finishing, with screw

Brass cover lifting/flower fixing ring with rose in zamak alloy

CEAT965 Polish brass finishing
CEAT966 Vintage brass finishing
CEAT967 Vintage copper finishing
CEAT968 Nickel finishing

Coffin feet

CEAM396 Alloy, 87x87mm, nickel finishing
CEAM397 Alloy, 87x87mm, polish brass finishing
CEAM398 Alloy, 87x87mm, vintage brass finishing
CEAM399 Alloy, 87x87mm, copper finishing
CEAM394 Pressed steel, 60x60xh30 mm, dark bronze finishing
CEAM395 Pressed steel, 60x60xh30 mm, pale bronze finishing
CEAM411 Plastic, 100x100 mm, light brown
CEAM412 Plastic, 100x100 mm, dark brown
CEAM413 Plastic, ∅ 80 mm, dark brown