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Ceabis - Ibernfluid


CEAIB88 Cooling device IBERNFLUID


CEAIB85 Plate in plastic material equipped with single-dose bottle liquid IBERNLIQUID


Revolutionary cooling device grating the perfect body preservation thanks to a plate positioned under the body. The characteristics of this device is the use of a liquid that, once refrigerated, is put inside the plate.

Inside the cooling device, there is the use, for the first time in this kind of devices, of a natural refrigerant allowing to have a completely watertight device and, therefore, maintenance free. Fully running, the plate positioned inside the coffin reaches the minimum temperature of -10°C, so granting an excellent cooling performance. The use of a natural refrigerant, the use of a cooling liquid, makes IBERNFLUID eco-friendly and environmentally friendly.
IBERNFLUID is realized minimizing the weight and the overall dimensions, and is positioned on a trolley for an easy and simple movement.