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Ceabis - Ibernvisor


CEAIF01 - Ibernvisor CORTEN Finiture
CEAIF02 - Ibernvisor BRONZE Finiture



ART. CEAIF40 - Single use pair of white hoses
ART. CEAIF41 - Single use pair of beige hoses
ART. CEAIF42 - Single use pair of grey hoses




It has been studied to preserve bodies already placed into the coffin during the vigil and the observation. It prevents from hygienic-sanitary problems above all during summer or in particular situations of long stop, or in case of critical pathologically deaths, or as a preventive measure before a long distance transport of the bodies. Thanks to its small sizes and to the practical case provided with wheels, it is very well transported and used, above all in conditions of difficult and uncomfortable access. The unique technical characteristics of IBERNVISOR® allow a normal use with the opened coffin assuring very good preservation results. The cold air produced is distributed inside the coffin through two cloth hoses, without which there would not be a correct cooling of the body. In some cases or with particularly adverse climatic-environmental conditions the additional clear cover can be applied in a second time, so allowing to reach even lower temperatures thanks to its insulating function. IBERNVISOR® is equipped with camera system for remote control of body. With this device, the operator can control remotely by computer, tablet or smartphone the conditions of the corps and the operating parameters of IBERNVISOR®.


The heart of IBERNVISOR® is made of a ventilated refrigerating system with a power-condensate unity equipped with an high power compressor to assure the preservation of the bodies with the opened coffin. The evaporating part is provided with two special ventilators introducing and spreading cold air at direct contact with the body, thanks even to the activity of the cloth hoses. The equipment functioning is run by a special program through an already set timer, that activates the defrosting stages every 4-5 hours of functioning for a period of about 12-15 minutes , during which the equipment does not work and an electrical resistance located inside the tank starts to work. Once the operation is finished, the equipment starts automatically again and water coming from the defrosting is collected into a bag that the operator must hook to the proper places in advance.

Coperchio per Ibernvisor®

This cover is used to close the coffin and it has a clear surface to see the body. It is equipped with internal LED lighting connected to the IBERNVISOR® by jack connector. It is made in thermoformed Abs with dimensions and typology able to cover all the coffins almost every size. In the lower part it is covered with soft sponge in washable plastic material to support the coffin, and it has a jointing border with gasket in the part that will support the device assuring a hermic seal. The upper part is equipped with a clear methacrylate thermic cover with a box system with double surface, termetically sealed and provided with particular technical details against condensate.