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Composystem Loculi

Composystem Loculio


CEAF992 Composystem Loculi, modular structure for niches


The structure Composystem Loculi is made of anodized aluminium profiles that are already set with their hooking systems. The niche sizes can vary according to the laws in force.
The structural calculations of Composystem Loculi (all the data are reported on an available detailed handbook) were studied for modules of 25 niches (5 x 5), with the following indicative sizes:
height 4,60 m
width 4,60 m
depth 2,40 m
It is possible to build modules of any size for particular cases, after carrying out preliminar structural tests.
The anodized aluminium profiles are assembled together thanks to several die casting aluminium stirrups and fixed with stainless steel screws. The box that contains the coffin is made of stainless steel (AISI 304). The box is closed with a cover made of the same material and fixed with stainless steel screws as well, while a special silicone ensures air-tight sealing.
The structure has been designed to provide to the stainless steel case a gentle slope towards the bottom of the structure itself, according to the laws in force.
The roof of Composystem Loculi is made by a stainless steel corrugated sheet (AISI 304); other materials can be evaluated on request.
The external covering of the whole structure is made with slabs of marble, granite or other materials (e.g. stainless steel, bronze, etc.), that are assembled with fixing studs.
The whole structure is positioned on a reinforced concrete base by means of proper stainless steel supports (feet) that are fixed with proper hooks. The concrete base on which the structure Composystem Loculi is placed must be built according to the specifications given by our technical office.

Characteristics and advantages of the structure Composystem Loculi

  • easy and quick installation;
  • earthquake proof;
  • negligible maintenance work;
  • limited environmental impact during assembling;
  • cheapness;
  • easy cleaning of the niches;
  • possibility to be re-used in renovations.

A specific technical handbook including all the structural calculations of Composystem Loculi is available for operators. The structure, designed for a maximum loading capacity of 250 kg/m2 per niche, can sustain all the actions and loads caused by the use conditions according to the laws in force.
Any installation request and/or variation of the original building project will be evaluated from our technical department in particular in case of harsh environmental conditions.