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CEAF990 Composystem, modular system to create charnel house and cinerary urn boxes with customized size


Creation of charnel houses and cinerary urn boxes with the best elasticity and practicality. According to the available spaces both inside and outside it is possible to place structures of any size in a very easy way and without any building work.The modular system Composystem is based on dap joints allowing the development of cell structures of particular sizes using a series of square sectioned aluminium structural bars (cm 2,5 x cm 2,5) and die-cast aluminium joints.These elements are assembled together placing a shaped plastic packing between them that makes a seal action between the tubular and the joint, assuring the best stability to the whole structure.The separating internal walls are made of a strong plastic rolled panel at high pressure with a base of soaked cellulose fibres that is external coated by a sheet of melanin resins.

Width: cm 30
Height: cm 30
Depth: cm 70
(on demand any other change is possible)

Following additions are not included in price but they can be given with an estimate according to the supply conditions:

  • transport and placing;
  • supply and assembling of marbles or granites;
  • accessories for the gravestone ornament;
  • electric plant for votive lights.