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Niche Airing System

Niche Airing System


CEABIS® has studied, tested and developed a specific solution for niche airing that can be used on new structures or as an accessory to transform a traditional niche into an airy one. After the death, according to the different factors (for example temperatures, humidity, air, condition at the death moment, etc.) the putrefactive processes of the corpse start, with the following developing of bad smelling gases and liquids. The time within which these things start and finish and their magnitude can vary according to already written factors. With the insertion of the corpse in a traditional niche (airtight) the putrefactive processes remain inside the metal coffin without allowing any vent and/or airing except for the discharge of the over pressures that can develop and with the use of the proper cleaning valve, as it is required by the Rule of the Mortuary Police in force in Italy.
Maintaining a ventilation inside the niche, which is the principle of the AIRING SYSTEM, is the guarantee to allow a good skeleton of the corpse avoiding the unconsumed at the moment of exhumation. Another advantage is to allow a quick decomposition of the corpse with shorter times than those of the traditional niche. The principle of the AIRING SYSTEM, in which a particular cleaning filter is inserted, is that of treat the corpse liquids and the putrefactive gases in a single and independent way that is inside the niche.

THE AIRING SYSTEM for niches of CEABIS® is made up by following elements:

  • absorbing substance called ENZISALM® that must be placed on the bottom of the wooden coffin during corpse preparation.
  • absorbing substance called HYDRO-GEL that must be inserted inside the collecting basin,
  • collecting basin with a capacity up to 50 litres of liquids.
  • cleaning filter with absorbing substances made of active coals with an high filtering power to assure the filtration that is the depuration, of all the bad smelling gases coming from the coffin.

The cleaning filter is equipped with all the necessary devices to be fixed both on the COMPOSYSTEM LOCULI and on the traditional niches to turn them into in airy ones.