Fornitori si nasce, partner si diventa


Corporate Group


" … Thousands, million of people work, produce and save despite we can invent everything to disturb, hinder and discourage them. It’s the vocation helping them going on: not only the need of money ….. there are even traders that in their company se all their energies and invest all their capitals to obtain gains that are much smaller than those ones they could  reach with other type of job. "  [Luigi Einaudi]

This is the philosophy that supports and leads the VEZZANI GROUP, leader of the funeral sector and that takes its President, Mr Vezzani Alfredo, to create a solid and competent team at the base of the success of the company that aims to offer not only a complete range of  products but even a complete service of assistance, information and assistance.


Funeral art and cemetery accessories


Equipment for mortuaries, funeral services and cemeteries


Cemetery equipment, urban and electoral design


Prefabricated structures for niches and charnel houses, cemetery design


Cremation technologies


Image systems and printing technologies


High quality funeral accessories