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Corporate R & D

Research & Development

Ceabis has as its aim that of obtaining the best satisfaction from the client granting an high quality level both in products and in service. We are convinced that this goal can be reached above all through a continuous investment on the technological innovation. The continuous collaboration with universities and research labs allows us to test all our high technology products before launching them on the market, so that the client has the guarantee to use products that can meet his needs thanks to the certificates and the ministerial authorizations approving the performances.

Our continuous commitment for the technological innovation with a particular attention to be eco-friendly, to the health guarantee and operator safety and to the environmental protection can be mainly visible in the following company department:


Refrigeration. Our technicians are constantly searching new systems that are more efficient and effective able to meet the best performances with the minimum environmental impact. The last machine that has been designed by CEABIS is an example of this aim. TURBO AIR, in fact, meets the needs of the clients through a more and more reduced visible impact and has a particular attention to the use of biodegradable materials without an environmental impact. The different refrigerating plates that must be placed under the back of the corpse are completely made of paperboard and can be covered 100% by cotton. With this easy operation inside the coffin (despite the use of air conditioning plant) no polluting residual remains, in fact both the coffin is burial or cremated, paperboard and cotton are not an obstacle for the decomposition and the cremation process.

Saldarapido plus

Cold welding. The particular attention that CEABIS has concerning the health of the funeral undertakers has always been very important from the beginning with the research and the continuous improvement of the individual protection devices but even through biotechnological  and chemical products that give the possibility to work safely. The cold welding, the last innovation result of the collaboration with Henkel Italia, sweeps away the funeral sector that has always been obliged to use the dangerous welding with a new practical, quick, safe and absolutely green system.

100% biodegradabile

Line of biodegradable products. For years we have been selling MATER-BIO® products that are polymers in biodegradable material granted by the research NOVAMONT® and approved by Legambiente. The particular rigidities of the  NOVAMONT® rules allows only to companies have received the licence by NOVAMONT® itself assuring both the quality of the raw materials and the finished product. Always concerning the environmental protection but even meeting the rules in force, we have been suggesting for time even cinerary urns in biodegradable material with a particular attention to the line dedicated to the ash dispersion and coffin interiors made of biodegradable materials such as: cotton, satin, acetate, viscose and cellulose. The collection can meet any aesthetic need with the advantage to meet the needs of environment protection.

Equipment. All the equipment that CEABIS offers to the clients have the task to easy the operator work and above all allowing him to work safely. Carrying out the most of the recovery, preparation and transport operations with equipment that easy the movement and that do not lead to wrong or too dangerous postures, is the best investment that the operators can do on their future. Assure our own health and that of our collaborators is a law duty but above all it is a personal responsibility towards ourselves.