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Bio Telo & Poli Telo

Ceabis - Bio Telo & Poli Telo


CEASA49 Bio Telo
CEASA47 Poli Telo, low density polyethylene cloth



Bio Telo
Biodegradable piece of cloth based on maize flour. Size 176 x 255, thickness 40 micron. Bio Telo is a piece of cloth in "Mater-Bi" allowing to proof the paperboard boxes for the recovery of the remains to to be cremated. It is made of 100% compost and biodegradable vegetable polymer (bio-material) complying with DIN EN1343:2000-12. Use provided for the Health Ministry Decree dated 7th February 2002.
Package of 2 pieces rolled up in one single strip that are pre-engraved to easy the division. Professional use complying with the laws in force. To keep in a cold, dry and dark place.

Poli Telo
Size: 176 x 255, thickness 40 micron.
Package: 2 clothes. They are rolled up in a single strip with pre-engraving to easy their division.
For professional use only. Use complying with the laws in force. To be stored in a fresh, dry and dark place.