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Silver plated frame Butterfly

CEAG011 9x13 cm.
CEAG012 10x15 cm.

Silver plated frame Spiral

CEAG013  9x13 cm.
CEAG014 10x15 cm.

Polish silver plated frame

CEAG015  9x13 cm.
CEAG016 10x15 cm.
CEAG017 13x18 cm.

Aluminium frame

CEAG018  9x13 cm.
CEAG019 10x15 cm.
CEAG020 13x18 cm.

Silver and wood frame Futura

CEAG023 10x15 cm.
CEAG024 13x18 cm.

Openwork frame with stand Classic

CEAG021 10x15 cm.
CEAG022 13x18 cm.

Ethnic wooden frame

CEAG025  9x13 cm.
CEAG026 10x15 cm.

Filo wood frame

CEAG027  9x13 cm.
CEAG028 10x15 cm.
CEAG029 13x18 cm.



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