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Stretchers and Boards

Stretchers and Boards


CEARE27 Divisible stretcher with 8 handles
CEARE25 Carrying sheet for obese
CEARE26 Stretcher with 8 handles
CEARE52 Anodized aluminium scoop stretcher
CEARE58 Recovery stretcher with hooks for self loading trolley
CEARE55 Body retrieving bag for CEARE58
CEARE82 Recovery stretcher to be turned into a sedan-chair - Simply line
CEARE85 Folding corpse recovery stretcher both in width and length with case - Simply line
CEARE86 Stretcher for corpse recovery foldable by width - Simply line
CEARE83 Four parts foldable recovery stretcher - Simply line
CEARE84 Recovery stretcher foldable by length - Simply line


CEARE50 Case for mod. CEARE52
CEAC007 Case for mod. CEARE58
CEARE51 Set n° 3 additional belts
CEARE56 Additional belt in 2 pieces for CEARE55 and CEAC008


According to the different situations stretchers must have different characteristics from common scoop stretchers to folding stretchers to aluminium stretchers coated with nylon fabric with PVC material, waterproof and ripstop that besides being equipped with wheels to be able to be handled in position vertical offer the advantage of being able to be used with a bag on the floor and can be fixed recovery on the self-loading trolley CEARE68 to facilitate the movement once you have recovered.