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Products Handling and Recovery Equipment Self-loading Stretchers and Recovery Cases

Self-loading Stretchers and Recovery Cases

Self-loading Stretchers and Recovery Cases

ABS body recovery cases

CEARE92 Grey ABS body recovery case
CEARE94 ABS body recovery case, carbon finishing

ABS cases customizations

CEARE93 Reflecting adhesive letters
CEARE98 Black vinyl adhesive pre-spaced letters

Aluminium body recovery case

CEARE90 Grey-painted aluminium body recovery case

Self-loading trolleys for body retrieving and transport

CEARE60 Self-loading stretcher for bodies recovery and transport equipped with fixed stainless steel plane
CEARE62 Self loading trolley with reduced height
CEARE68 Self loading trolley with adjustable height
CEARE80 Self-loading trolley suitable for corpse recovery with adjustable height, complete with stretcher

Self-loading stretchers accessories

CEAC067 Fastening system for self-locking mechanisms, anchored to the floor of the vehicle
CEAC032 Stainless steel tank with feet and hooks for self loading trolley CEARE62 and CEARE68
CEARE69 Frame for stretcher CEAC031 for self loading trolley CEARE62 and CEARE68
CEAC031 Stainless steel single stretcher
CEARE91 Adaptor set for aluminium cases used with self loading trolley CEARE62 and CEARE68


Our ABS body recovery cases are especially designed and built to facilitate body recovery in every possible circumstance and in even the most difficult weather conditions. Every aspect of this equipment has been specifically designed for practicality and ease of use. A thermoformed ABS container is securely mounted onto a sturdy but light aluminium frame. The container is specially contoured to ensure complete practicality and the material itself is knock and scratch resistant, for simple cleaning and total hygiene. The case is particularly easy to handle, with four stainless steel retracting handles built into the frame and the large and convenient side grips. A single person can manoeuvre the closed case alone, as two sturdy wheels are fitted to the base, making it easy to move around, even over rough terrain, and to load into the vehicle. The case may also be used in conjunction with our CEARE68 and CEARE62 self loading coffin, as fastening pegs are built into its underside.
The aluminium body recovery case is made of 2mm-thick aluminium with handles and stainless steel crossbars. The lower base is equipped with two stainless steel crossbars on which two wheels are attached for sliding on the ground or onto vehicles. The other crossbar has two rubber feet. The cover closes by means of 4 stainless steel hinges. The case is equipped with 4 stainless steel extendible handles. The entire perimeter is rimmed for pick-up on the sides. Non-scratch surface inside and outside. The special calendered shape facilitates handling of the body and cleaning.
All the self-loading trolleys are provided with Ø 200 mm wheels, two of which are casters and two fixed with brakes. The trolleys are complete with hooking system for stretchers and recovery cases. CEARE68 model could be adjusted in three different height positions.