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Disinfectant Items

Disinfectant Items

Disinfectant soap

CEAH001 Disinfectant soap, 300 ml


CEAH101 Disinfectant spry for external use, 200 ml
CEAH104 Disinfectant liquid for external use, 1000 ml
CEAH111 Disinfectant towels, 12 pcs


CEAH001 is a disinfectant to use as a liquid soap. Its particular composition allows the elimination and the control of the bacterial charge that is present on the skin with a balanced cleansing antiseptic action. Thanks to its pH 5,5 the product does not damage the protective layer covering the skin.

The spray (CEAH101) and liquid (CEAH104) disinfectants are designed to be suited for all the skins and surfaces disinfections. It is active against bacteria, it disinfects and cleanses preventing from infections, it does not make foam. It does not contain gases.

The CEAH111 tissues are packed one by one and are soaked in a disinfectant solution. They are used to disinfect the skin quickly preventing from bacterial infections and they are very practical.


Disinfectant Items