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Products Mortuary Chapel Furnishing Brass and Metal Ornament Kits

Brass and Metal Ornament Kits

Brass Ornament Kits

Ornaments Omnia

CEAA612 Light pedestal
CEAA622 Stoup/card pedestal with aspersorium
CEAA632 Flower vase stand
CEAA642 Christ pedestal
CEAA652 Lectern with poster holder reclosable, card holder and pen holder
CEAA662 Urn stand
CEAA672 Candle pedestal
CEAA692 Coffin stand (2 pieces)

Ornaments Ninfa brown

CEAA613 Light pedestal
CEAA623 Stoup/card pedestal with aspersorium
CEAA633 Flower vase stand
CEAA643 Christ pedestal
CEAA653 Lectern with poster holder reclosable, card holder and pen holder
CEAA663 Candle pedestal
CEAA673 Urn stand
CEAA693 Coffin stand (2 pieces)

Ornaments Ninfa dark

CEAA614 Light pedestal
CEAA624 Stoup/card pedestal with aspersorium
CEAA634 Flower vase stand
CEAA644 Christ pedestal
CEAA654 Lectern with poster holder reclosable, card holder and pen holder
CEAA664 Candle pedestal
CEAA674 Urn stand
CEAA694 Coffin stand (2 pieces)

Ornaments ZEN

CEAA711 Light pedestal
CEAA721 Stoup/card pedestal with aspersorium
CEAA731 Flower vase stand
CEAA741 Christ pedestal
CEAA751 Lectern with poster holder reclosable, card holder and pen holder
CEAA761 Candle pedestal
CEAA771 Urn stand
CEAA791 Coffin stand (2 pieces)

Ornaments Fior di Loto

CEAA680 Multifunction pedestal
CEAA681 Poster holder
CEAA682 Topsoil bowl with shovel
CEAA683 Flower vase stand
CEAA684 Liquid wax stand
CEAA685 Candle stand
CEAA686 Y support
CEAA687 Urn stand
CEAA688 Stoup/card bowl with aspersorium

Ornaments Alaska gold

CEAA610 Light pedestal
CEAA630 Flower vase stand
CEAA640 Christ pedestal
CEAA650 Lectern
CEAA660 Card pedestal
CEAA670 Stoup pedestal with aspersorium
CEAA690 Coffin stand (2 pieces)

Ornaments Alaska silver

CEAA611 Light pedestal
CEAA631 Flower vase stand
CEAA641 Christ pedestal
CEAA651 Lectern
CEAA661 Card pedestal
CEAA671 Stoup pedestal with aspersorium
CEAA691 Coffin stand (2 pieces)
Optional for Alaska
CEAA601 Battery charger
CEAA602 Rechargeable batteries

Ornaments Eden style

CEAA017 Light pedestal
CEAA027 Vase pedestal
CEAA037 Flower vase stand
CEAA047 Christ pedestal
CEAA057 Lectern
CEAA067 Cockade pedestal
CEAA077 Register book pedestal
CEAA087 Stoup/cards pedestal
CEAA097 Coffin stand (2 pieces)
CEAA157 Icon supporting pedestal for Eden style Ornaments
CEAA156 Icon support mod. Eden style

Ornaments Cometa

CEAA018 Light pedestal
CEAA028 Vase pedestal
CEAA038 Flower vase stand
CEAA048 Christ pedestal
CEAA058 Lectern
CEAA068 Cockade pedestal
CEAA078 Register book pedestal
CEAA088 Stoup/cards pedestal
CEAA098 Coffin stand (2 pieces)
CEAA158 Icon supporting pedestal for Cometa Ornaments
CEAA159 Icon support mod. Cometa

Ornaments Miki

CEAA010 Light pedestal
CEAA020 Vase pedestal
CEAA030 Flower vase stand
CEAA040 Christ pedestal
CEAA050 Lectern
CEAA060 Cockade pedestal
CEAA070 Register book pedestal
CEAA080 Stoup/cards pedestal
CEAA090 Coffin stand (2 pieces)

Sacred images

CEAA160 S.Antonio with Child
CEAA161 Virgin of the rest
CEAA162 Virgin Mary con Child
CEAA163 Virgin Immaculate
CEAA164 Holy heart of Maria
CEAA165 Holy heart of Jesus
CEAA166 Passion of Christ
CEAA167 Risen Christ
CEAA168 Christ
CEAA169 Virgin with Child