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Safety shoes

Safety shoes

Safety shoes for professional use

CEASZ35 size 35
CEASZ36 size 36
CEASZ37 size 37
CEASZ38 size 38
CEASZ39 size 39
CEASZ40 size 40
CEASZ41 size 41
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CEASZ46 size 46
CEASZ47 size 47


Elegant footwear made especially for funeral sector. These are safety shoes made with genuine leather, soft, water repellent and highly breathable, with steel toe cap. The inside is lined with soft and breathable leather in the back side, and in breathable material in the front. The sole is antistatic with high capacity of sweat absorbing and de-absorbing. The plant is made of genuine leather and, always in the plant, there are holes for air exchange system. The hole is in polyurethane, antistatic, antislip, anti-ware, anti-oil; it is light and flexible, and has the KLIMACOMFORT system. This is a sistem granting air exchange systems inside the shoes, mainly in the most critical points as under the foot sole and at the point, where it is easy to produce more sweat.

Technical Data

Footwear UNI EN ISO 20345:2012 S2 SRC
Toe cap steel UNI EN ISO 20345:2012 resistant to an energy level of at least 200 J.
Slip resistance EN ISO 20345 with requirement SRC
Energy absorption in heel zone greater than 20 joule UNI EN ISO 20344:2012