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Cold Welding

Cold Welding

Salda Rapido Plus for cold welding

CEAS250 Salda rapido plus cartridge 265ml complete with mixing nozzle
CEAS257 Mixing nozzle
CEAS251 10 ml Fast Cleaner bottle with lid and felt-dispenser
CEAS256 Abrasive pad
CEAS262 Fast Cleaner 1 lt
CEAS261 Empty dispenser bottle with small brush for Fast Cleaner
CEAS254 Sucker for covers handling
CEAS259 Manual applicator
CEAS270 Salda Rapido Plus Kit with manual applicator
CEAS253 Battery applicator with battery charger
CEAS258 Additional 14.4 v battery for applicator
CEAS260 Salda Rapido Plus Kit with battery applicator
CEAS255 Empty set case


Salda Rapido Plus is a new soldering system specifically designed for funerary applications. The new cold welding system has been developed for specifically for the funerary use in partnership with Henkel, and offers numerous advantages:

Safe and "green" product
 - No exhalation caused by the use of tin or solder flux
 - No exposure to open flames
 - No risk of using propane gas bottles

Quick, allows a quick and easy use
 - The zinc bonnet can be closed in a few minutes
 - The simplicity of the operation does not require any specialized training

Clean, it is professional and discreet
 - In the delicate phase of closing the bonnet noises are minimized
 - No need of forcing ventilation in the locals especially in winter

Fast, it's a two-component material
 - Hardens (polymerizes) within 4 minutes
 - Possibility to move the hood after 8 minutes without any problems
 - Does not require the application of screws between the lid and the hood

security on effective unification between the lid and zinc bonnet
 - Resistant to traction over 5 kg/cm2 (1,900 kg / surface)
 - Can withstand internal pressures higher than 0.24 bar (7 times higher than the purifying threshold valve)

, maintenance is reduced to zero
 - Welders never clogged or out of order!
 - Never empty gas cans!
 - Never to file or tips to beat!
 - Never tied to fluctuations in the price of season