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Products Tanato Aesthetic Aesthetic Items for Body Preparation

Aesthetic Items for Body Preparation

Aesthetic Items for Body Preparation

Skin preparation

CEAH520 Massage cream 100 gr.

Corrective and foundation cream

CEAH560 6 corrective and foundation solid cream palette
CEAH571 Spare green corrective
CEAH572 Spare lilac corrective
CEAH573 Spare ivory corrective
CEAH574 Spare brick red foundatoin
CEAH575 Spare ocher foundation
CEAH576 Spare beige foundation
CEAH557 Green corrective fluid
CEAH558 Ivory corrective fluid
CEAH559 Lilac corrective fluid
CEAH554 Fluid foundation HD Light 30 ml.
CEAH555 Fluid foundation HD Medium 30 ml.
CEAH556 Fluid foundation HD Dark 30 ml.


CEAH562 3 blush palette
CEAH581 Spare pale brown blush
CEAH582 Spare pink blush
CEAH583 Spare coral blush


CEAH561 6 lipstick palette
CEAH591 Spare pink pearl lipstick
CEAH592 Spare coral pearl lipstick
CEAH593 Spare red lipstick
CEAH594 Spare beige lipstick
CEAH595 Spare brick red lipstick
CEAH596 Spare bordeaux lipstick

Powder and pencil

CEAH553 Transparent powder 20 gr.
CEAH563 Black/Brown eyebrow pencil


CEAH552 Wax 40 gr.

Body preparation

CEAH505 Disinfectant mousse for corpse hygene
CEAH501 Shave Gel 150 ml.
CEAH502 Nail varnish removal 150 ml.
CEAH503 Hair Gel 200 ml.
CEAH504 Latex 200 ml.


All of them are professional use products that require capability and experience for their optimal use, they have been developed to be used on corpses and they cannot be referred or comparable to any other cosmetic product normally use for the personal make-up. The composition of these items has been studied together with the biggest experts of corpse preparation and tanatoaestethic in Italy.