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Products Tanato Aesthetic Bags and Cases for Tanato-Aesthetics

Bags and Cases for Tanato-Aesthetics

Tanato-aesthetic Kits

Bags and cases for tanato-aesthetic devices

CEAE004 Empty bag suitable to hold corpse preparation material.
Dimension 48x36x28 cm.

CEAE008 Tools folder (suitable with CEAE004 case).
Closed dimension 45,5x25,5x4,5 cm.

CEAE003 Empty fit bag suitable to hold aesthetic material. Dimension 46x27x27 cm.

CEAE010 Foldable trolley
CEAE005 Pouch for brush and tools. Closed dimension 24x7x27 cm.
CEAE006 Big pouch with zip. Dimension 22x6x27 cm.
CEAE007 Little pouch wit zip. Dimension 14x6x27 cm.
CEAE009 Extensible plastic box, suitable to hold instrument and very easy to sanitize. Dimension: 5x5x13/22 cm.