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Products Tanato Aesthetic Body Preparation Tools

Body Preparation Tools

Body Preparation Tools

Kidney dish

CEAE169 Kidney dish 200mm
CEAE170 Kidney dish 250mm

Cutting tools

CEAE101 Disposable Scalpel No.22 with Handle package of 10 pcs.
CEAE102 Stainless steel scalpel handle no 4, for blade number from 20 to 26 (Blades not included)
CEAE103 Scalpel blade no 22, package of 100 pcs.
CEAE150 Scissors 125mm sharp/sharp.
CEAE151 Scissors 150mm sharp/sharp.
CEAE152 Scissors 254mm.
CEAE153 Scissors 150mm sharp/blunt.
CEAE154 Scissors utility shear 7.5"

Forceps and devices

CEAE112 Dissecting forceps 305mm - blunt
CEAE113 Dissecting forceps 254mm - blunt
CEAE114 Dissecting forceps 200mm - blunt
CEAE115 Dissecting forceps 200mm - fine
CEAE116 Dissecting forceps 178mm - medium point
CEAE117 Dissecting forceps 150mm - fine
CEAE108 Spencer Wells forceps 150mm BJ
CEAE109 Spencer Wells forceps 125mm BJ.
CEAE119 Aneurysm hook without eye
CEAE121 Stainless steel separator
CEAE167 Stainless steel grooved vein director
CEAE110 Clampstat forceps medium/small
CEAE111 Clampstat forceps baby/ maxillary
CEAE118 Fixation forcep 3 hole, curved-fit baby-medium-small
CEAE120 Adjustable retractors

Sutures devices

CEAE200 Fine cosmetic thread
CEAE201 Thread passer - dispenses ligature
CEAE202 Thread for passer
CEAE203 Ligature thread


CEAE210 Needle - 100mm half curved ("J") fine
CEAE211 Needle - 75mm half curved ("J") fine
CEAE212 Needle - 40mm half curved ("J") extra fine
CEAE213 Needle - 75mm half circle
CEAE214 Needle - 100mm half circle
CEAE215 Needle - 100mm crescent post mortem
CEAE216 Needle - 100 mm circle (Crescent) cutting
CEAE218 Needle - 75mm half curved ("J")
CEAE219 Needle - 100mm half curved ("J")
CEAE220 Needle - 125mm half curved ("J")
CEAE221 Needle - 150mm half curved ("J")
CEAE222 Needle - 100mm serpentine ("S")
CEAE223 Needle - 125mm serpentine ("S")
CEAE224 Needle - 150mm serpentine ("S")

Accessories for Camouflage

CEAE021 Brush/comb for eyebrow, shave and moustache
CEAE022 Large make-up brush
CEAE023 Thin make-up brush
CEAE024 Medium make-up brush
CEAE025 Oblique point make-up brush
CEAE026 Foundation make-up brush
CEAE039 Wood handled spatula 57mm
CEAE041 Latex sponges package of 2 pcs.

Handcare accessories

CEAE014 Nail cleaning brush
CEAE017 Nail file
CEAE030 Skin scissor
CEAE034 Nail varnish
CEAE035 Trimmer
CEAE036 Shaver

Accessories for corpse preparation

CEAE011 Skeleton hairbrush
CEAE012 Wide-tooth comb
CEAE013 Double tooth comb
CEAE016 Foldable mini-hairdryer
CEAE018 Clothes brush
CEAE031 Brush cleaning
CEAE032 comb cleaning
CEAE033 rigid brush