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Products Tanato Aesthetic Surgical Aspirators

Surgical Aspirators

Surgical Aspirators


CEAE159 3lt plastic container with lid
CEAE171 Liner with cover
CEAE163 Aspirating/injection hand pump
CEAE168 Drainage & injection tubes-plastic
CEAE176 Twin motor pump for aspiration and injection
CEARE71 Battery portable surgical aspirator


CEAE009 Plastic box for CEAE163
CEAE164 Spare valve (2 for each hand pump CEAE163)
CEAE165 Spare valve spring (2 for each hand pump CEAE163)
CEAE166 Spare "O" ring (2 for each hand pump CEAE163)
CEARE73 1 l vase for CEARE71
CEARE74 1 m silicon tube for CEARE71
CEARE79 Filter for CEARE71
CEARR14 Lid for vase CEARE73



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