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Products Thanatopractice Injection Instrument

Injection Instrument

Aspiration and Injection


CEAE226 Abdominal and thoracic cavity Injector

Surved artery tubes

CEAE060 Carotid
CEAE061 Large
CEAE062 Medium
CEAE063 Small

Straight artery tubes

CEAE064 Large
CEAE065 Medium
CEAE066 Small
CEAE067 Baby
CEAE068 Maxillary


CEAE255 Trocar baby
CEAE253 Trocar 350 mm
CEAE252 Trocar 400 mm
CEAE251 Trocar 450 mm
CEAE250 Trocar 550 mm

Trocar accessories

CEAE240 Trocar handle
CEAE241 Trocar point
CEAE245 Trocar cleaning rods


CEAE123 Curved Diéffenback
CEAE225 Needle holder


The embalming treatments are carried out to the extent and in the manner prescribed by national legislation.